CLIVAR VACS African Climate Atlas

The CLIVAR VACS panel had the idea of developing a climate atlas with a focus on the observed and modelled climate of Africa. The Atlas currently has 5 parts. Parts I and II are on the observed climatology over Africa and surrounding tropics. Variables include minimum temperature, maximum temperature, diurnal temperature range, water vapour and cloud cover. Part III features components of the ERA40 Reanalysis Project. Part IV and Part V feature the WCRP CMIP3 and CMIP5 multi-model climate change data archive. While the primary focus of the Altas is on African climate Parts IV and V allow to plot global fields.

Atlas Team

Richard Washington ( leads the development of the African Climate Atlas. The Atlas is currently maintained by Sebastian Engelstaedter ( Arnaud Desitter and Richard Washington set up Part 1 and Part II. Several members of the VACS Panel: Kerry Cook, Thierry Lebel, Laban Ogallo, Chris Reason and Chris Thorncroft, to name a few, have kindly advised on the project. Matthieu Rouault, from the University of Cape Town, provided useful guidance and comments early in the project. Gil Lizcano led the initial development of Part III (ERA40) and Part IV (CMIP3 data) in conjunction with the WCRP and GEO. Part III was later re-written by Sebastian Engelstaedter who also develped Part V (CMIP5) as a dynamic interactive web-interface.