Monthly/Seasonal Composites

Variables ERA40  
Plot Type Lat-Lon Plot for level hPa Overlay vectors:

Zonal Average for level

Meridional Average for level

Month/Season Select month or season for composites .
Month   Season
Climatologies & CompositesClimatology for    for period 1961-1990

Composites for years (1) for (2)  

 (1) Enter comma separated years. For NDJ and JFM season, enter year of the last month.
 (2) Anomalies calculated with reference to 1961-1990 climatology

Map AreaChoose a domain or enter lowest and highest Latitude (-90 to 90) and Longitude (-180 to 180).
Lowest Lat Highest Lat
Lowest Lon Highest Lon
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Contour Intervals Range min max (overrides default)

Plot Type raster
Color Type Rainbow White-Blue-Red Blue-White-Red
black/white Reverse Colors
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